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Kingdom Conspiracy: Returning to the Radical Mission of the Local Church
by Scot McKnight
Brazos Press (October 21, 2014)
304 pages

It is a book that every pastor or church leader should have. It is divided into 12 chapters and 2 appendices. Basically, the question is, what kind of pants you use? Yes, it sounds strange, but that is the beginning of this book.
Skinny Jeans or Pleated Pants?

From the "Skinny Jeans" perspective: "the good deeds done Means kingdom by good people (christian or not) in the public sector, for the common good."

Pleated Pants perspective, starts in two questions: "When does the Kingdom arrive? and Where is the Kingdom?"

To better understand this, the author shows us the two stories of the kingdom: Perspective "C-F-R-C" and perspective "A-B-A". It also shows us that the Kingdom involves Conversion and Discipleship: "We must preach the whole Bible, read it and vitalize the creeds"

Kingdom mission is about creating and sustaining that Kingdom community, the church. 
That impplies:
  • Kingdom mission means the local church is first and foremost a dwelling place for God. 
  • Kingdom mission means as church mission means the church is a Kingdom fellowship
  • Kingdom mission as church mission means learning to live under the King Jesus

Then the author talks about the King of Kings and how is the moral in the kingdom.

This a good book, for those who want to participate in the mission of the kingdom of God.

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