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A little book for new Bible scholars: Why and how to study the Bible.
Authors: E. Randolph Richards and Joseph R. Dodson
Published by InterVarsity Press
ISBN digital: 978-0-8308-8305-9

Reading this book was a delight. I read it in two days and enjoyed it a lot. The authors tell us about what it means to be a Bible scholar and other considerations we must have.

With a pleasant, serious and funny tone, the authors lead us to recognize the need to study the scriptures and to glorify God through knowledge.

The chapters of the book plus some "taste" of what you'll find:

1. Fall in love.
Knowledge without love and love without knowledge.

2. Have more stuff and less fluff
Longing and studying the Scriptures more. How?

3. Hold your horses.
Exegesis, exegesis, exegesis

4. Don't play marbles with diamonds
Bad and good exegesis?

5. Speak the local language:
Greek for me?

6. Keep the main thing in the main thing
Do not neglect your heart

7. Don't get puffed up
The danger of pride

8. Remember that Biblical studies is an equal opportunity vocation
Asians, Hispanics, Black, Women, we can be bible scholars.

9. Stay the course.
Don't give up.

If you are a student of a seminar or want to study in one, read this book will be of great benefit for your life.
You can buy it HERE

Thanks to IVP Press for the copy of this book for review.

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