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Embodied Hope: A theological meditation on pain and suffering
Author: Kelly M. Kapic
Published by InterVarsity Press

We all know pain and suffering differently. Physical or emotional, pain always leads us to feel anguish, loneliness and discouragement. What should Christians think about suffering? Should we just accept it or what can we do? Kapic, writes this work, from a personal and experiential perspective, considering what the Scriptures teach us, as well as other good writings.

This is a good book, which should be read by those who are suffering. Also this book, should be read by those who see God as guilty of their sufferings.

The book consists of 3 parts:
Part 1: The Struggle
In this part the author talks about the pain and the thoughts that arise concerning God. There are questions, there is anguish, and where is God?

Part 2: The strangeness of God
In this part of the book, Kapic tells us about the incarnation, the importance of recognizing that Christ was as one of us. Not only that, but it is one with us.

Part 3: Life together
In the last part, the author talks about the importance of communion among believers to face the pain.

There are 13 chapters that will be of inspiration, comfort and help for many.

Personally this book helped me a lot, since I have seen many family members suffering from illness or pain. And what great consolation are these books that do not tell us about "how to overcome the pain in 24 hours", but they tell us about pain in a theological and experiential way.

Thanks to IVP for the copy of this book.

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